Bhulekh Odisha

Bhulekh Odisha Check Online Bhulekh ଭୁଲେଖ ଓଡିଶା ଜମି ସୂଚନା

Check Online Odisha Bhulekh How to Check Online Bhulekh Odisha If You Want to Check Odisha Bhulekh Land Details Go to Official Website For All Odisha Bhulekh  Information and Also Get Details About Odisha Bhulekh On This Website.

What Is Odisha Bhulekh

Total Districts 30
No. of Tahasil 317
No. of RI Circles 2410
No. of Villages 51701

Odisha Bhulekh, you can get all information related to land on the official website of Orisha Bhulekh Like Khatiyan of the land Map of the land, information related to the land like Khata, Khesra Online Odisha Bhulekh.

Today we will tell you all the information related to Orissa Bhulekh about Orissa Bhulekh, Today We are going to share with you. How to get land information related to Orissa Bhulekh, how you can see land map on Orissa Bhulekh, you can get a map of all districts of Orissa from Online

How to Check Odisha Khatiyan

If you want to see your Khatian through Orissa Bhulekh, then go to the Orissa Bhulekh official website for this or You can go from below, after going there, first select the Your District which is your district, After selecting your District.

After selecting the Tehsil, after selecting the Tehsil, the list of all the Villages of the tehsil will be Refresh after the Orissa land record is Refresh on the website, Select the Village from which you want to find it. Select as Khatian Design Plot then select the type of land or plot number or name of selected from below.

Odisha Bhulekh

Odisha Bhulekh Khatiyan Plot Details

How to Check Tahsil Information

For information, for Tehsil information, in the right side on the Odisha Bhulekh website, you will see above the tehsil, click on it, after clicking on it, the details of the tehsil will be asked from you like first, you will hear the district and then listen to the tehsil. After clicking on the button, he can get information about the tehsil.

Check Land Map (भूलेख ओडिशा नक्शा

If you want to see the online Bhulekh map from the online Odisha Bhulekh website it is very easy where you can get the information of Orissa Bhulekh map. How can you see the map of any district online for this? The link given can be obtained from there

Odisha Bhulekh Map

Odisha Bhulekh Download Map

Revenue Court Case Monitoring System (RCCMS)
 Check Case Status

Odesha Bhulekh Check Case Status

If you do what you do in the Land department, then you can easily find the status of that person online easily, for this you will have to go to the official website of the Revenue Court Case Monitoring System Government of Orissa.

  • And there you first choose your court
  • After that, you can choose your type
  • This is your case, after that, you can select this number
    What is your number
  • After selecting the name of the court, after this, in this year you have filed a case, even after hearing it
  • You can find out the status of the revenue court case by clicking on the case status.
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