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Google OneDrive Google Cloud By this name, you Understand that through OneDrive Cloud, your file data photo video document, and other files are kept in OneDrive Google Cloud, friends today we will tell you how Google Cloud OneDrive Works and if you get deleted from your OneDrive file due to mismatch, then we will tell you the complete details about how you can recover the deleted one drive data. I request all visitors don’t forget to send this post on. Your social media likes WhatsApp Facebook Instagram and More.

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What is OneDrive Cloud Storage?

Friends, you should know that both OneDrive and Google Drive are different, but if you talk about the work, then both of them work for cloud storage. The maker of both is also different. Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are both different applications and You will see its value a little bit, first, we will talk about OneDrive, after that, we will also discuss Google Drive and in this article, you will get information about how to recover deleted files from the cloud.

OneDrive Login

Name OneDrive
Company Microsoft
Status Active
Main Work Data Storage
Old Name SkyDrive
Storage 1 TB
Price $5/m
Launched 2007
Compatible Android, Windows, iOS. & Mac OS

How to Recover Deleted Data From Cloud Storage?

OneDrive is using cloud service very much for user data backup these days, but if any important file or folder is deleted from the cloud platform due to any Reason, then you will surely get upset but now there is no need to be disturbed, now you can easily They can recover Deleted files and folders, that is, we can bring them back to our files. Today we will get information about how to get Deleted files from storage to the Cloud.


Recover From OneDrive: 

  • Go to this Site—
  • You can recover deleted data from OneDrive in this way. Like Apple and Google platform, it keeps deleted files and folders in your storage for 30 days if you use a workplace or school managed account. are doing.
  • So here you get 93 days to restore your deleted file. To get the deleted file back, you have to visit OneDrive’s website.
  • Here you have to search for the Recycle Bin which you will see on the left side. Now you will get two options Anti Recycle Bin and Rest All Items. If you want to restore the recently deleted file, select the file and folder one by one. Have to do.
  • If you want to delete the file from here forever, then you can select and delete at once, if you use this app on mobile, then you have to type on the MI button for Android device here.
  • Which found on the bottom right side but there will this option for the iOS user on the left side, from here you can delete the format of the file or restore it to the original location.
  • If the file has been deleted from a computer, it can be obtained from the local Windows Recycle Bin or from the Mac OS folder.
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Google Drive

As you know, nowadays people are using cloud storage services such as cloud Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox. Now it has become very easy in digital life, with the help of these cloud services, you can save your files or documents. You can easily access any device from anywhere, these days some users are also storing sensitive data on the cloud. If for some reason the file or folder gets deleted from the cloud storage then you will surely be upset because it Can recover, YES.

About Google Drive

Google Drive currently remains in the mobile of all Android users. In Google Drive, you can keep up to 15 GB of your files in cloud storage for free. Before using Android, you have to create an email or Gmail account with Gmail account. Along with 15 GB of storage is provided for Google dry file storage, in this, you can create a folder, keep your photo document video images whatever you want on your cloud storage and you can log in and access your file from anywhere. If for some reason you just get the data or file or folder deleted, then there is an option to recover again, today we will know how to recover files from Google Drive.

Google Drive

Name Google Drive
Company Google
Status Active
Launched 2012
Work Cloud Storage
Storage 15 GB (Free)
File Syncing Backup and Sync APK to sync files Across all Devices.

Recover Data From Google Drive:

  • Visit This Website-
  • Google Drive If you are using or using Google’s product or Android device, then there is a service of Google Drive for cloud storage because 15GB is given free by Google for cloud storage with every Gmail account. is
  • But here if any important file or folder of yours is deleted from your cloud storage i.e. Google Drive, then you can restore it to your folder again within 30 days.
  • For this, go to the Google Drive website and you have to open it. After that, after clicking on the trace link, on the left side you will see all the things that have been recently deleted, if the deleted file in Google Drive is present in the press then You will also be able to see in search
  • After this, when you click on the file in the drive, at the top there, you will see the icon from Restore from Rice and Delete Now you can restore the file from here or you can delete it forever. There is also an option for Google Drive. Click on the icon in the toolbar to open it
  • File folder or which we also know as recycle bin, you get to see the option of recycle bin instead of a folder in OneDrive.
  • Google Drive is also integrated with the main menu of the mobile application i.e. you and with the help of tablets you can delete files or even forever, there will be a 3dot option on the side of the file that appears in the Recycle folder. When click
  • There is an option to restore the file or delete it forever from here itself. If the files are deleted in Windows or how can I go to the Recycle Bin from this folder?


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