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Today I will ll say you how to registered sand sale management and monitoring system that means Sand Online. Today I will provide how to book for sand on the official website department of industries and Commerce Arunachal Pradesh state mineral Development Corporation. Read this article constantly and know about how to registered for sand booking on AP’s official website. In this article, you know how to register for sand booking on the Sand Online website and How to check the status of the sand booking. And everything about booking of sand so read this article from top to bottom. If any suggestions don’t forget to give me feedback in the comment section.

Arunachal Pradesh Sand Booking Steps:-

  1. Registration
  2. Customer login
  3. Order and payment
  4. Stockyard loading
  5. Send delivery

Sand Booking Apply Online

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Telangana Sand Booking 2021

What is Sand Online

The full of Sand Online is Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System (ఇసుక అమ్మకాల నిర్వహణ మరియు పర్యవేక్షణ వ్యవస్థ) this is the official name of sand booking official site this site it is run by Arunachal Pradesh government on this site you can register for sand booking Sand Online official website provides search type of information like online sand booking latest update about sand booking blocked vehicles application for bulk sand and status of sand booking if you have any problem regarding ”Sand Online” website also you can contact provided by AP Website website if you want the book to send Direct go to AP Website website and registered for sand booking in this article you can learn about how to registered for sand booking and how to check to send booking status on Sand Online website.

Name Sand Online
Full-Form of Sand Online Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System
State Arunachal Pradesh
Status Active
Main Work Booking of Sand
Registration Mode Online
Official Website

In this article, you learn

  • Customer Registration for sand booking
  • You can view the Customer Registered list
  • Vehicles Registration
  • Vehicle Registration Updation
  • Vehicles Registered List

Customer Registration on Sand Online Portal

  • To register you need to visit the official website of the Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited
  • From the opened page, you need to go to the registration option given in menu bar
  • Then click “General Consumer Registration” option from the drop-down list

If you as a customer want to register for sand booking online, then it is easy. Below you have been told the way through which you can visit this website and register as a customer for sand booking first. Book online for.

  • Visit the official website for customer Registration.
  • After going to the home page, click on registration.
  • Click on Customer Registration in the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the mobile number. Before entering the mobile number here, make sure that you have that mobile number.

TSMDC Book Sand

  • Then click on the Registered button.
  • A one-time Password will come on your Mobile.
  • Enter that one-time password, Click on submit button.

SSMMS sand online Customer Booking

Bulk Consumer Registration

  • To register you need to visit the official website of the Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited
  • From the opened page, you need to go to the registration option given in the menu bar
  • Then click “Bulk Consumer Registration” option from the drop-down list

Procedure to Book Online Sand at

  • To book sand you need to visit the official website
  • From the opened page, you need to go to the Booking option given in the menu bar
  • Then click the “Online Sand Booking” option from the drop-down list
  • Login to the site by entering “Mobile No” and click the “Send OTP” option
  • Enter the OTP and click submit option

Sand Booking

  • Now you will see a list of all those customers.
  • You can search your name directly by entering your mobile number and captcha code.
  • To go to the Next Page, select the Page number below.

Vehicles Registration

If you have a car like a tractor or a lorry then you can register these trains to make a sand booking. The process of registering your car on the Sand Online website is as follows

  • Go to the official website to register for the vehicle.
  • Click on the Registration button in the main menu.
  • Click on the Registration option from the drop-down menu.
  • The next web page will open where you fill in the following information in the application form.
  • Fill in all the information in the application form correctly.
  • After filling enter the captcha code and click on the registered button.
  • In this way, you can register tractor and lorry carriage on the Sand Online website.

RC File Updation- Sand Online

Note: This is a one-time Operation- All-Vehicle Holders Should Keep in Mind that whenever you Register a Vehicle on the Sand Online website. Please upload the vehicle registration certificate (RC File). if your vehicle RC File is not clearly visible when uploading your vehicle certificate, then your vehicle will be blacklisted.

Tamilnadu Old Age Pension Scheme

All the vehicles that have been registered on the Sand Sales Management & Monitoring System website, you can see the list of tomorrow in this way.

  • Visit this Official website to see the Vehicles registered list.
  • Click on the Registered Vehicles Option List on the Registration drop-down menu.
  • To view your train name and number directly, enter the train number in the search box
  • And enter the captcha code and click on the search button.
  • If your vehicle has been Registered, it will appear in this list, select the page number from below to go to the next page.

Check Sand Booking Status

  • If you have booked sand, you can track your order, you can understand the process of tracking from below.
  • Go to this website and click on the drop-down menu Track your order on the tracking button
  • Enter your order ID and captcha code
  • And click on gate status

Apply Online Sand Booking Sand Online (TSMDC)

Step I – Go to the official website As mentioned above, you have to start by going to the official Sand Online portal.
Step II – Customer Login
You have hit the sand booking option given on the portal’s homepage.

Step III – Enter Credentials Candidates are required to enter valid login details such as username, password and login button.

Step IV – Select District
Now you have to select your district from the dropdown box.

Step V – Select Stockyard After selecting “District” you have to select the “Stockyard” button.

Step VI – Enter All Details Now, you have to enter all the required information in the fields provided. After filling all the details, click on the “Register” button.

Step VII – Confirmation window Appears A confirmation window will appear and you must click “OK” to proceed. After booking the sand, the next window will be displayed. You should get booking no. Safe for future references.

Step VIII – Take Receipt Finally, you will need to click on the “Gate Receipt” Button to download and print the receipt. Preserve the receipt for future Correspondence.

Sand allotment norms for bulk users

  • TSMDC will provide 40 CuM of Coarse Sand and 14 CuM of Fine Sand for every 100 Sq.Mtrs on par with GHMC norms.
  •  50% of the sand requirement shall be provided by TSMDC presuming that the Builders will go for ready mix who are using the M-Sand.

Instructions for giving bulk allotments

  • Based on the permission given by GHMC / HMDA, it can be observed that for every 100 Sq. Mtrs, TSMDC is given 40 CuM of coarse sand and 14 CuM of fine sand.
  • TSMDC can provide only 50% of the sand required for construction and use the remaining 50 % M-Sand.

Helpline Number

Phone Number: 04023323150