Bihar Station Manager Computer Operator Requiremet

1064 police stations in Bihar to be reinstated-Station manager and computer operator will be reinstated in each of the 1064 police stations, on the contact of the manager, in the meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar on Friday, the advertisement will be agreed in 1 week. Will be mandatory

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Chief Minister ordered

On Wednesday, the Chief Minister had ordered to increase the facility in the police stations, the Chief Secretary said that the station manager in-charge will help in other tasks besides the daily work, besides a computer operator will be deployed there, your entire arrangement will be kept there. Station manager and computer operator

station Manager and computer operator

 Will be online entry

Online facility will be given, it has also been decided to arrange two vehicles and visitors seating in every police station; Angtuk will be responsible for the station in-charge of drinking water and fans, for this, the government will provide separate funds to them, 169 landless land in the state. The DM has been entrusted with the responsibility of finding land to construct permanent buildings for these police stations running in rented buildings.Station manager and computer operator

Not a single police station in Patna district has been computerized, 61 stations in Patna and Nalanda districts were to be computerized by August 15,

TCS has been given the responsibility of making computerized arrangements and the company has sought time till October due to some technical reasons.

At present, there is only one computer in all these police stations, which is used for extracting data of some kind, etc. There is no work connected to the common people do not have data entry operator stations Station manager and computer operator

Due to which computer-knowledgeable constables are made to work, the responsibility of monitoring the work being done under the CCTS project in Patna district has been given to DSP Headquarters Alok Kumar Singh, Alok Kumar Singh said that the TCS company which was given the responsibility of this project He has asked for time till october

Station manager and computer operator Bharti

Along with this, information has been given to computerize about 250 places under the Crime and Criminal Training System Project, 894 police stations of Bihar were to be computerized, but now this system is expected to be completed

by October to police and common people. Under the CCTNS project, if the work of computerizing the police stations is completed, then it will benefit the common people as well. This will also benefit the common people will be able to view the FIR diary chargesheet filed in the police stations online. Station manager and computer operator

Station manager and computer operator Requirement

Also online f.i.r. You can also do the work for the police, because the fingerprint database of the criminals will be able to see the information of the goonda register online, the police of Patna district will be able to see

The hulia and other information of a criminal of Rajasthan, so that it will be easy to conduct research. The criminals will be identified immediately and for this, you will need to do correspondence etc. What is to be done.

Station manager and computer operator

 A special software will be installed in the computer with f.i.r. Supervision report charge sheet will be inserted of criminals. After completion of the work, every police station will be added to NCRB SCRB Police Headquarters and other state police stations.

At least 3 computers will be provided in every police station. Internet connection will be arranged. Arrangements will be made which will enter FIR super vision report charge sheet etc. so that it can be viewed online. Station manager and computer operator

Patna Police is also preparing its team for preparing its computer professional, for this, computer training is being given to Sub-Inspector AS Constable etc. so that they can also mark their respective information in the software created by the project. You can do this and get information online, for this, training is imparted daily in a hall in SP office.Station manager and computer operator

A computer in Kotwali also has only one computer in Kotwali police station but is not a data entry operator. A computer-aware constable of Kotwali police station operates a computer, letters sent to the SSP office from the police station etc. This computer is also only office Also came for  Station manager and computer operator