E Shram Portal eSharam Card Registration 2021

The Federal government of India has introduced a new plan called the e Shram Portal Plan for the welfare of Unorganized Industry Employees and also Laborers. e Shram Portal has actually released by Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi. The Labor and Employment Ministry of India has actually begun E SHRAM Portal to accumulate all details as well as track and also data about laborers and also employees of the messy industry. Accumulated data will be utilized to introduce new plans, make new plans, produce more job possibilities for Unorganized Sector Employees and Laborers.

Ministry of Work & Work will certainly supply the One-of-a-kind Identification Number (UAN) Card for Who applies for e Shram Website. Prospects who intend to obtain E-Shram site Registration can obtain CSC Seva Kendra. Candidates can also make self-registration on e SHRAM Portal using a mobile number linked with Aadhar Card.

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e Shram Portal Registration 2021

The government will launch the e-Shram portal, a database of unorganized sector workers, on August 26. On Tuesday, Union Minister for Labour and Employment Bhupender Yadav launched the logo of the e-Shram portal.

राज्य के श्रमिक अब e Shram Portal पर अपना Registration करा सकते हैं। Here is the official link of e Shram Portal www.shramsuvidha.gov.in असंगठित क्षेत्र (Unorganized sector) के सभी श्रमिकों को इसका लाभ मिलेगा। श्रम संसाधन मंत्री जीवेश कुमार ने गुरुवार को बताया कि राज्य के साढ़े तीन करोड़ श्रमिकों को इस पोर्टल से जोड़ने का लक्ष्य निर्धारित किया गया है। यह राज्य की आबादी का करीब 30 प्रतिशत है। e Shram Portal की शुरुआत के लिए उन्होंने प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी एवं केंद्रीय मंत्री भूपेंद्र यादव के प्रति आभार व्यक्त किया। उन्होंने कहा कि राज्य के असंगठित क्षेत्र के सभी कामगारों का 31 दिसंबर तक Registration कराने का लक्ष्य है।

उद्देश्य यह है कि सभी श्रमिकों को सामाजिक सुरक्षा योजनाओं का लाभ मिले। उन्होंने कहा कि विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में कार्यरत असंगठित क्षेत्र के श्रमिकों का डाटा तैयार हो रहा है। उन्हें पहचान पत्र दिया जाएगा। डाटा तैयार होने के बाद उनके कल्याण के लिए योजनाएं बनेंगी। ऐसे श्रमिकों को दो लाख रुपये के बीमा का लाभ दिया जाएगा, ताकि उनके नहीं रहने पर आश्रितों को इससे राहत मिल सके। श्रमिकों को ई-श्रम कार्ड जारी किया जाएगा

Information required for registration

  • Self-registration icon imageAadhaar number
  • Mobile icon imageAadhaar linked active mobile number
  • Bank icon imageBank account details
  • Age icon imageAge should be between 16-59 years (15-09-1961 to 14-09-2005)

Also, Check

Documents for Registration on E Shram Portal

  • Aadhar Card
  • e-Shram Portal पर श्रमिक जन्म तिथि
  • होम टाउन
  • मोबाइल नंबर और सामाजिक श्रेणी के अलावा आधार कार्ड और
  • बैंक खाते का विवरण देकर रजिस्ट्रेशन करा सकते हैं।
  • इसके बाद उन्हें ई-श्रम कार्ड जारी किया जाएगा। उस पर 12 अंकों विशिष्ट नंबर दर्ज रहेगा।
  • राज्य के सभी श्रमिकों को मिलेगा परिचय पत्र
  • कामगारों का 31 दिसंबर तक Shramik Portal Registration कराने का लक्ष्य

Shramsuvidha gov in About this Portal

  • The Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India and State Governments enforce more than 44 labor laws in their respective areas. Various stakeholders have been requested to ensure simplification of formats, ease of compliance, transparency in inspections and speedy redressal of grievances.
  • To address these concerns, the Ministry of Labor and Employment has developed a single integrated web portal for online registration of units, reporting of inspections and submission of annual returns.
  • This portal facilitates ease of reporting of consolidated information on labor inspection and enforcement of various labor laws at one place. It will facilitate reporting, transparency in labor inspection and enhance monitoring of labor inspection based on key performance indices.
  • As an initiative on a pilot basis, the Ministry has selected Chief Labor Commissioner (Central) Organisation, Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) and Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS), comprising 16 labor is involved. Law.
  • The state governments will later join this unified single web portal. The web portal is being developed and maintained by National Informatics Center (NIC).
  • This unified portal operates through a common Unique Labor Identification Number (Shramik Pehchan Number) for each establishment. Employers will be allotted Labor Identification Number (LIN) after registration on the web portal. The enforcement agency will upload the inspection data on the web portal which will be updated from time to time.
  • This web portal provides for filing of single harmonized annual return by the employers.
  • This web portal provides online reporting of harmonized inspection reports by Inspecting Officers.
  • The web portal actively contributes towards achieving the objective of simplifying trade rules and bringing transparency and accountability in labor inspections.


Department NameMinistry of Labour & Employment
Name of Portale Shram Portal (Shram Suvidha)
Launched date26/08/2021
Launched byPradhan Mantri Shri Narendra Modi
BeneficiaryUnorganized Sector Workers and Laborers
Official Websitesshramsuvidha.gov.in
e Shram Portal
e-shram Suvidha Portal

How to Register on Shram Suvidha Portal

  • To register visit this shramsuvidha.gov.in website.
  • After going here first you have to do new registration.
shram suvidha portal registration process
shram suvidha portal registration process
  • Already registered applicants will click on login and enter their user id password and submit button.
  • If you want to register on this portal for the first time, then click on this “Create A Shram Suvidha Account.
  • After opening the next page, first of all enter your Name>> email id>> mobile number and verification captcha code and click on “Sign up”.


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